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SMSF - Access your Super even whilst working
SMSF and Borrowing


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SMSF - Access your Super even whilst working

Its called Transition to Retirement Income Stream ("TRIS") and it's suitable for those in the workforce with Preserved benefits who are of at least Preservation Age and want to access their benefits before retirement. If you fit this category or are nearing preservation age you should become familiar with this strategy and its tax benefits. If running your own DIY SMSF ensure that thre Deed allows this or alternatively have your Deed amended........

SMSF and Borrowing

gaining popularity and talk of the town is SMSF borrowings to buy property. i understand that most Banks are much more comfortable with this type of borrowing and are competing for their share of lending. Interest rates and LVR have improved however anyone contemplating this type of borrowing to buy property must beware of potential traps that could be extremely costly and render the exercise anathema. Care must be taken to ensure that the SMSF does not borrow to buy prohibited property, be exposed to double stamp duty, etc .